Are you ready to commit to the ease and flow of life, happiness and wealth? 

"The path of awakening is not about becoming who you are.  Rather it is unbecoming who you are not".


 -Albert Schweitzer

life coach, Elle Benet, is an author and motivational speaker.


"You already have the answers. You were born with an internal guide; a roadmap on how to navigate this Earth plane.

My purpose is to serve, if just for a moment in time, as your guide. Together, we will reconnect you with your inner powers.


Talk to you for 30 minutes about your issues, give you advice, encourage you and be a good listener.

  • 1 session

  • Up to 30 minutes


Talk to you for 60 minutes about your issues, give you advice, encourage you and be a good listener.

  • 1 session

  • Up to 60 minutes


5 sessions of 1 hour where we will work together and follow a growing path until you get there.

  • 5 session

  • Up to 60 minutes

  • Personalized action plan

There are moments in our life that we feel alone, depressed, and unwilling to keep going.  We may struggle with different situations throughout our life that not always can be solved on our own and sometimes we simply need someone to talk to.  In those moments that we really need advice, that’s why I’m here.

I’m a qualified life coach but more than that, I've been just like you - stressed, anxious and I didn’t know what to do with my life.  But it's all those experiences have given me the chance to grow in an incredible way and it will for you too. All that I want to do is help you to do the same. I’m very passionate about helping people overcome their fears and be happy just for who they are. If you can relate to any of these statements, Let’s work it out! So, if you are:

  • Dealing with anxiety and fear of future

  • Excessive preoccupation

  • Hate your current job and wish to do something meaningful for you

  • Not satisfied with your personal, social, familial role and wish to improve

  • Don’t know what to do with your life

If you want to:

  • Find your life purpose

  • Form better relationships

  • Gain self-confidence

  • Self-love and worth


Let's work it out together!