Time to Jazz!

February 3, 2019

  Epicure Cafe- the intimate, cozy and inviting venue was the ideal platform to participate in my first jazz jam session. Nervous much? I think venturing into new 

waters always brings some level of excitement/nervousness. I recently read in "the War of Art" that those feelings could be donned "resistance". And what awaits on the other side of resistance is normally success! As was true for me. 


Although I had resisted going on stage (telling myself I'd remain an observer for the evening), the Universe clearly had other plans.  Jerry Bresee, one of the members of the house band, edged me on to perform and it turned out to be one of the most magical evenings ever.  I met such wonderful people and I was encouraged to continue on my journey to the stage.



There's an art to success. And before I delve into it, I'd like to first define success. As Earl Nightingale puts it " Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal" and actively stepping towards that goal. I feel success is an art of taking action, forgiving and giving.   And giving, whether it be time, money or gifts, feels as good as being on the receiving end!  


Just recently, Mark and I ventured out to a performance by jazz vocalist, Irene Jalenti. She was absolutely stunning and her performance so inspirational. I particularly loved her rendition of the song, "Black Bird". 

 I was thankful for the opportunity to break through resistance that evening at the Epicure cafe.  It led to new friendships, more encouragement and confirmation I'm on the right path.  

Perhaps there is something you're resisting? Leave a comment and we can explore the roadblocks and a way forward! 2019- the year of opportunity!


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February 3, 2019