Studio Time!



Writing a song- what a fun project!   This song is an original and took about a month- the lessons learned along the way were invaluable.


One of the lessons I and my partner realized is that it's okay to take a break from a project.  Focusing your direction into something else, whether it be watching a movie (yes, we did lot's of that- can anyone say "The Crown"?), cooking, reading a book or simply another project of interest is quite beneficial.


I'm a believer of "inspired action".  Inspired action is following what your inner-self wants to do and knowing you will feel good inside while doing it.  Uninspired action is forcing yourself to do something because you feel that, in not doing it, the end result won't turn out just how you perceived it should.  I, fortunately, work solely on inspiration.


It's because of inspiration we were able to see this song through in a short period of time and experience nothing less than bliss in doing so! Nothing but laughter, fun, movies, singing, writing and, before you know it, studio time.


Do you have a project in which you could practice some "inspired action" on? Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

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