Becoming a Professional Daydreamer

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Have you ever felt that rush of anxiety, wondering if you aced the interview for that dream job? Or the car with the perfect design you salivated over but decided it was too expensive. Perhaps you put your dreams on pause after starting a family, not seeing how you could make room for both.

There's no "pause and delete" button on desires of the heart. Unless you create one. There's only mastery of how to bring your heaven to earth. C'mon, let's dive in!

"Professional daydreamer" is a fun term in which I self identify. Curiously enough, daydreaming was the VERY thing that almost caused me to get left behind a grade in school. But now, I use it to intentionally manifest the objects of my desire. I say if you're good at something, keep practicing and become a pro!

I enjoy working alongside others, teaching them how to intentionally manifest in areas of their life. It truly is an art. And what's beautiful, is it's done with tools that you already possess. Sometimes, we are simply using these tools in a manner in which they weren't designed to be used.

From Daydreams to Reality

There's daydreaming. Then there's daydreaming and manifesting what you desire. And THEN there's daydreaming, manifesting what you desire and knowing how you did it. So that no matter how big the daydream/desire seems, you can reapply the technique and do it over and over and over again.

Manifesting a daydream into a reality is a simple recipe mastered with intention. Although you have all the right ingredients (because you DO already have them), if the ingredients are not properly blended, the recipe falls flat. You're left not knowing what you did "wrong" and confused at how to get the recipe to turn out how you desired.

Laying the Foundation

If you've read the book, "They Made Me Do It", you''ll notice after any traumatic childhood event, I'd fuse a positive note at the end of each chapter. Instead of holding onto anger and resentment, I share with readers how to let go and redirect energy so that it works in your favor and not against you. Now, the ability to shift perspectives, especially in certain scenes, did take time. The memoir was written in my adult years and was never intended to be released to the public. It was my private journal, serving as a way of healing.

While the ability to shift perspectives took its time, daydreaming was familiar territory. As a kid, I'd imagine being in another environment, meeting new people, learning new things.

Although visualizing is a great step to manifesting your desires, you must blend it with a pure childlike belief to turn those dreams into a reality.

Becoming a Pro

When I say it's important to surround yourself with like-minded people, I can't stress that enough. It's one of the reasons I became a coach. I've found that often, when you dream "too big", you might get knocked off your path when people in your circle cannot envision the dream with you. I always spend time with my clients in a discussion around energies. You must first be able to build up enough endurance in this field combined with an understanding as to how energy works and what part your emotions play. For when you do, you'll have a different response to things that may have initially threw you off course and disrupted your peaceful state. And with a different response, comes a different outcome.

Here's a personal story as an example. This year, I decided I wanted to lose weight and posted an image of myself online in a public forum (see image 1).

Image of Elle Benet in shorts, overweight and happy
May 2 2020. Image, posted in public forum

I was just proud of what my body and mind had been through and excited about where I was going. The comments from people were, what some might consider, "horrendous". But when you understand energy, the comments merely become what they are...words on a paper and energy. Energy that can propel you in the direction in which you know you're bound to go: forward! When you learn how to control the vehicle, words become fuel to push you to your destination.

July 3, 2020. Turning a weight loss dream into reality

Although you can see the end goal, doesn't mean others can. Nor do they need to. You have to be willing to embrace and empower yourself with the understanding that this is YOUR journey. YOU are the puppeteer and not the puppet that is controlled by the responses of others.

When you see your destination in your mind, you have to BELIEVE it. To learn when to give in (not give up), when to relax, when to take action. To learn how to ride the perceived negative energy from someone in order to benefit your purpose.

Kindness is key to it all. Kindness to yourself and to others. It is derailing to fling anything other than love at anyone. This is why it's important to have a mentor as it can be challenging trying to blend it all together. But you CAN do it!

Being a professional daydreamer is intentionally manifesting. Knowing how to ride the waves of emotions and energies. Having awareness of what is truly happening despite what seems to be taking place. Knowing that you're worthy of ALL good things and believing you can obtain them.

Now that you know what it takes to be a professional daydreamer, I do hope we stay connected. I'd love nothing more than to share my in depth practices that, over time, will evolve into habits. We are certainly in a time of high importance to be in control of our destination. Because that IS the journey.

If you've read my memoir, feel free to email me directly at I schedule free forty minute chats with readers on how to apply practices and answer questions that come to mind.

With much love,

Elle Benét

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