Updated: Jun 18

So let’s kick this off with the transparency we wish we saw on all our product labels and let you know that some links might be affiliate links (note: I’d share this even if that wasn’t a thing but I teach women how to get fit AND paid for the work you do, so I’m following my own advice). Clicking the links will not charge you any extra money, just think of it as a referral bonus for me to keep trying successful products and passing along the gems to you.

This post is not about weight loss. It's about fat loss. Having the correct goal in mind will always produce the best results. And I get it- fat loss can be frustrating. But I'm certainly here to offer support and tips that I've used this month that will help you too. IF you apply them of course.

After birthing two babies, this year I finally made the decision to have abdominoplasty surgery to reconstruct my abdominal walls. But I didn't want surgery to be a remedy for my fitness goals. Probably similar to you, I wanted fat loss to be long permanent and not some fad, lose weight quick, diet.

So before I permitted myself to get abdominoplasty surgery, I decided to first naturally shed any unwanted pounds. And I did it!

Now. If you’re looking for a very realistic way to lose 5 pounds in a week, I am here for you! This is what has worked for me last month.


I believe in underpromising and overdelivering. So I'll give you more than two tips that have more than helped me not only reach my weight loss goal, but make it permanent.


Wait what? What the heck is pre-breakfast? It's THE most important meal of the day- and it consist of two things:

  • nourishing your mind

  • having a plan of how many calories breakfast will be

As an ICF Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, I know the weight energy carries (yes it literally carries weight). When was the last time you complimented yourself? Try jumping out of bed, looking in the mirror and saying, "Hello, beautiful, we're going to rock this day! I love you!" Shedding self love and beautiful energy into you does in supporting shedding weight.

If you want to change your health long-term, I recommend getting my free meal planner. You can download after subscribing here.

Have a plan of how many calories you consume for breakfast. If you're over-consuming in calories, you won't be able to lose the stubborn belly fat, no matter how many healthy choices you make. I refrain from telling my clients what to eat and instead, let them make those choices for themselves. This journey is about you taking control of your life. What I work with them on is the daily caloric intake. You must have a plan so know your caloric intake for your meals before you begin. My free planner will assist with that.


They call them "hunger pains". And if you have body fat to lose, hunger pains don't necessarily mean you're actually hungry. First, ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day and are getting plenty of sleep. When I made the decision to shred my last stubborn 5 lbs before my surgery, I decided to use an appetite suppressant. To me, life and weight loss should be easy. Do you have to use an suppressant to lose weight? No way! You also don't have to drive to visit a friend that's two states away- walking is an option. To me, appetite suppressant is the driving option. I prefer choosing options that make reaching my goal cozier and easier.

I chose a quality appetite suppressant (I call "LIPO in a bottle"), that not only curved my cravings, but LITERALLY made me feel more energized. Here's the drops I used (they're normally sold out, so I apologize in advance if they still are). I'd take the drops only three times a day and it helped me effortlessly stay within my daily caloric intake.

I’ve heard about intermittent fasting, you’ve probably heard about intermittent fasting… if you’re happen to be doing intermittent fasting, the maybe the drops would be a perfect complement to keeping your energy levels high.

Although you don't need to make any changes to your daily routine when taking the liquid drops, I always encourage tip #3. In fact, tip #3 is what I've done to reach my goal.


It doesn't even have to be seven days a week. In fact, I only got physical 3 days out of the week using 30 minute videos I found on Youtube (totally free!) My week looked like this:

  • Monday- high intensity full body workout

  • Wednesday- cardiovascular workout (e.g "kickboxing, MMA, boxing)

  • Friday- Yoga body flow workout

Again, each workout was 30 minutes. If you want to cap it off with a ten minute brisk walk, bonus! This routine offered be balance, time to recover and target different body parts.


Again, not anything you have to do- it's just what I did to lose my 5 lbs in 5 days. If you grabbed my free meal planner, you'll, see I include a link to where you can grab free samples of the exact detox tea I used (three day supply!). If you're an over achiever and heart set on going beyond the 5 lbs after the week, I'd recommend grabbing a 25 day supply of the detox tea (it's delish by the way). If you want to try it out first, just go for the free samples- you'll only pay for shipping and handling.

Aside from the weight loss, one of the benefits I most enjoyed with this tea was decreased bloating and gentle cleansing of my organs.


  • Pre-Breakfast: Nourish your mind (kind words) + have a daily caloric plan prepared

  • Eat Foods that Feel Healthy To You (keep in mind hunger pains don't always mean hunger)

  • Exercise at home, outside or go to the gym 3 times a week for 30 minutes

  • Consider a healthy detox tea

Get plenty of rest and repeat! These tips actually work, so I really needed to share them! All you need to do is try for yourself and you’ll be seeing results very, very soon!

I'd love to hear your progress and answer any questions you might have. Connect with me on the gram' and DM me with any questions!

Happily me! After two babies, weight loss goal and a healthier, easier lifestyle. ❤️