As a single parent, there's a lot to juggle. Proper nutrition is a ball that shouldn't be dropped!

The more you allow life to be easy, the more you can enjoy it.  The more you enjoy life, the more love, happiness, wealth and peace flows to you.


Hello Fresh has checked all the boxes in making meal planning easier for my family, PLUS these additional perks:

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More Quality Time With the Family

Full meals delivered right to the doorstep. Say good bye to clipping coupons, trying to think of the next family meal and spending hours in the grocery store.

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Cost Savings.

As if gas and your time isn't an expense enough, I dramatically cut down on eating at restaurants. I cannot recall the last time I ordered out- that in itself cut expenses and helped me save financially.

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Easy, Nutritious and Delicious

If you've ever felt your meals were monotonous and boring-  that was me at one point!  I yearned to introduce my kids to new flavors and vegetables but it was so daunting finding full meals online (and spending hours in the store searching for the ingredients).

Now, I simply log into my account, select the meals best suited for my family...and "viola!". A weeks worth of meals, done in less than 10 minutes! Easy, flavorful, delicious.

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It's not about losing body weight. It's about losing body fat. 

Elle Benet 20 lbs heavier


May 2nd 2020

Elle Benet loses 20 lbs


July 30th 2020

25 lbs weight loss!

10 simple fat burning steps:


An easy to follow guide that shares all of my health tips for getting and keeping the pounds off. Compiled in a simple, easy to follow format that makes it easy to get started today!


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