Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad (2x)

And we gone party cause, cause it’s my “birth” day (hey)

Yeah we gone party like, they do in Bombay (hey)

Throw your spirits up, my mind is set free (yeah)


Ek Ong Kar Sat Our Prasad (2x)

We finally opened up our eyes…without awakening, awakening from dreams

Living Moment to Moment…nothing’s ever really what it seems

We can travel to places… places where your mind has never been

Please be easy with life…some things you may not comprehend



I had put up so many walls but you’re Superman and you broke through

and then ya swooped in and stole my heart

and that’s when I fell for you

All through my life
I always told myself I could...

Never used words like “shouldn’t” “couldn’t” or “maybe would” but then here you go makin’ my head spin

and now I’m saying things like “I Can’t”

I can’t imagine
Life without you baby


Ellevation baby

Take me higher 

Ellevation baby

Natural spiritual fire

When they try to bring me down they only raise me up

They can call it what they want but it but sure ain’t luck



Im the real mc

Ye ye ye thats me

When i roll up through yo city you’ll be asking who’s she


But its not who i am 

It’s what i’ve become

Imagine Minaj beyond Beyonce

Rolled into one


I was looking through photographs

how you made me laugh

ooh but now I’m sad

and i will always love you

how i wish you would stay


Did we just hit another high and low

we’re too deep in to let a love like this go

I gotta know because you’re breaking my heart

and I want you back

I’m not ready to restart no