One of the most fulfilling experiences is sharing practices and supporting others achieve their own level of success.


Whether you're a business coach, a mother, athlete. or a leader...we run into moments where we feel stuck, unhappy, overweight, or discouraged.

But those are not the moments for you to give up...but rather time to give in. To give in to the support of the Universe and allow yourself to surrender and be intuitively lead to the answer.


Unlocking and feeling secure in our future takes the ability- the choice- to be present. Being present is truly an art in which you must allow yourself master.


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Hello, Butterfly. 

Elle Benét


I am author of the Masterpiece, "They Made Me Do It", and a founder of the mindfulness brand, Inner Cosmetics.

Blessings to you- I am deeply appreciative you are here.

Being raised in a cult, I began truth seeking at an early age. Curiosity of the outside world led me to leave some family behind and, for the first time, venture beyond the confines of the sheltered community. I eventually onboarded with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with what would become a ten + year career.

My experience behind the walls of this high-profile Agency further expanded my mind and heart.  Enlightenment would awaken me to the awareness that this path and culture did not align with my soul's journey.

Each progression in Life provides the momentum that sustains me even through times of opportunity (formerly known as challenges).

Through the Inner Cosmetics brand, I am here to share the joy of living, our right to prosperity without compromise of integrity, and the relentless embodiment of unconditional love.


with love,

Elle Benét