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It's not about losing body weight. It's about losing body fat.

This was me in 2004,  taking the stage as an NPC Figure Competitor.


  16 years and two kids later, here I am  Different stage, same goal: It's not about losing weight. It's about losing body fat.  

In my competition days, I relied on Resolution drops. I was always mindful of what i put in my body and only wanted natural . because they were natural  They supported me in metabolizing fats and preventing fatigue during my grueling days of training.

I knew it was tried, true and tested (I placed third place out of 15!). As a mom of two, I faced a different kind of fatigue: operation two business, working a corporate job, and raising two children as a single parent.  a different kind of 

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I loved TLC products though I never  thought to join their program until a friend recently contacted me. I fell more in love with the company after learning how their devoted to helping people generate income, increase health. They're truly about offering quality products 


Want to join my team? Like life, health and fitness should be fun and inspirational- so glad to say our team is all of that! Here's the link