Your Buddha Belly Rubbing Days End


Become an Unstoppable and Inspirational Force with

a Certified Life Coach

Ever feel like you’ve been dealt a crummy hand? 


Are you guilty of rubbing the Buddha’s belly, indulging in rituals, praying that the universe will take a turn in your favor? 


Not to rain on your parade, but you’re probably living in denial.


We like to think that we’ve been dealt a hand, a raw deal and that some things will always be out of our control. 


Like losing out on your dream job. Living paycheck to paycheck. Or entering yet another toxic relationship.

But the truth of the matter is, every change in your life starts from within. 

If you want to snag that promotion, buy that dream car, find your soul mate, or elevate your wellbeing, it’s not up to fate. 


It’s up to you. 


So no more rubbing Buddha bellies for luck, favor, health, and fortune. No more leaving it up to fate. No more accepting that things will never change. 


And definitely no more excuses...



2020 is a year of novel chaos and disruption, and it’s even harder than usual to stay afloat. 


But as the waves of uncertainty swirl you around, thrashing you from one emotional state to the next, it’s beneath them that you can find peace. 


I’ll help you learn to cherish your individuality, reduce anxiety, find purpose, peace, and your place in the world. 


This is tailored support, mentorship, and guidance to help you find more calm and enjoyment in life.


Are you anxious or scared about the future? Confused about the next steps? Struggling to find your calling? 


Life comes at you fast and hard. And things can get confusing very quickly. Discovering your ideal self begins with clarity. 


I’ll give you insights and strategies to bring you closer to your personal and career goals. And if you don’t have any, we’ll create them.


Never struggle with toxic and abusive relationships again. Learn how to set up healthy boundaries, attract and forge relationships based on mutual respect and authentic connection. 


Life becomes infinitely more beautiful as a result.


Are you a business owner? I’ll help you sharpen your business skills, attract more bread and butter clients, and give you a blueprint for scaling your brand to new heights. 


If the weapon of a warrior is a sword, branding is the weapon of a wildly successful business. So let’s sharpen the sword.


Nobody comes out of life unscathed. Instead, build skills that turn obstacles into opportunities, mistakes into lessons, and pain into wisdom. 


You’ll be able to thrive in the face of uncertainty and discover how inner work can change your outer world. I’ll give you proven strategies, tips, and mindset hacks to become unstoppable in all endeavors. 

But Who Am I To Guide You To Joy, Abundance, and Success?

Hi, I’m Elle, Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, Certified Life Coach and Author of “They Made Me Do It” - a best-selling memoir and mindset resource for overcoming mental shackles. 

I’ve been around the block, climbing the corporate ladder for 11 years, raising a family, competing in fitness competitions, and running a successful podcast geared towards growth. 


I’ve been where you are. And through the highs, lows, uncertainty, and confusion, I managed to forge my own path to a six-figure career and a life rich with purpose. 


I want the same for you. Sounds simple, right? 


But there is a catch...


I only work with those who CRAVE growth and have a vision of a stunning life for themselves.  


The fact that you’re reading tells me that it could be you!

Book Cover_edited.jpg

Uncover Your Best Self Yet 

And The Swiftest Route To The Stars

Clarity is the foundation of every journey to positive transformation. It’s time to cut through the noise, renovate your mindset, realize your true potential, and start actively achieving your dreams and goals. 

✔️ Radically and positively change your life 


✔️ Blast bad habits that don’t serve you out of the water


✔️ Learn strategies to activate your higher self


✔️ Abolish your limiting beliefs and seek out greatness


✔️ Equip yourself with a lasting game plan for success

Join The Evolution of Personal Growth

Coaching Services are 80% Off For The First Time Ever!

In light of recent times, and as a beacon of support, I’m cutting my personal coaching services pricing by 80%! 


  That means my regular monthly rate of $519 is reduced to to $99*

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This is an unprecedented opportunity to work with me and accelerate your journey to your goals. 


Now you could be wondering why I’m offering such a whopping discount on my coaching. And I’d have to give you two answers: 


  • Free Consultation

  • Two Coaching Sessions (bi-weekly)

  • email access

  • quick check in-calls

  1. As a coach, my life’s mission is to make this garden we call Earth a better place. And right now,  it needs support more than ever. This is my contribution to give guidance to those who may not normally be able to afford it.

  2. As I continue to grow my portfolio and help more people, I’m gathering positive testimonials that can help me extend my reach to those in need. Hopefully by working together, you can share yours. 

What Should I Do Next?

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Are you ready to look further, reach higher, and achieve greater? 

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