My First Masterpiece:

They Made Me Do It

My Masterpiece


My most vulnerable memories, encapsulated within this manuscript. Although you have a choice, I ask you to read with an open mind...but most importantly, an open heart.


I ask to not allow my past pain to be that of your own- but to instead allow my story to serve its intended purpose: a catalyst for you to obtain your own set of butterfly wings.  To don't have to search for ARE the destiny. 

black bestsellers, black authors

Keys to unlocking your fullest potential and living your truth.

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Financial Wealth, Joy, Love, Health and Peace. 

You can have it all once it's realized:

the all is within you.

When the thought came to transpose my journal to a book, I struggled, because I consider myself a private person. 

Ultimately, I converted the journal into an inspirational  memoir to encourage others through their own personal journey.

From life in a cult, to miscarriage, divorce and other life challenges, I offer you my story to serve as your help you penetrate the illusions of adversities, discover the beauty within, and experience a more fulfilled and guided life. 

elle benet, author

My soul's mission is to empower you to live your fullest potential now; to rediscover and master your powers. 

black bestsellers, black authors

Are you ready to take charge of your life? Learn how to work with contrasting moments, shift perceptions and step into the life of your dreams.