Elle Benét

It serves as my life purpose to reconnect you with your inner wisdom and spiritual potential; to empower you to unlock your powers from within and become Master of creating your outer world.  

Wealth. Success. Health. Abundance. You are meant to have it all.

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Hello, Butterfly. 

Elle Benét


Author of the Masterpiece, "They Made Me Do It", Emotional Intelligence Coach, Professional Listener and Full Time Daydreamer.

Blessings to you- I am deeply appreciative you are here.

Being raised in a cult, I began truth seeking at an early age. Curiosity of the outside world led me to leave some family behind and, for the first time, venture beyond the confines of the sheltered community. I eventually onboarded with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with what would become a ten + year career.

My experience behind the walls of this high-profile Agency further expanded my mind and heart.  Enlightenment would awaken me to the awareness that this path and culture did not align with my soul's journey.

Each progression in Life provides the momentum that sustains me even through times of opportunity (formerly known as challenges).

I am here to share the joy of living, our right to prosperity without compromise of integrity, and the relentless embodiment of unconditional love.


My Masterpiece


My most vulnerable memories, encapsulated within this manuscript. Although you have a choice, I ask you to read with an open mind...but most importantly, an open heart.


I ask to not allow my past pain to be that of your own- but to instead allow my story to serve its intended purpose: a catalyst for you to obtain your own set of butterfly wings.  To remember...you don't have to search for destiny...you ARE the destiny. 

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