Spring Fever

I couldn’t resist showing you guys these photos, because I’m still so obsessed with my Luxel maxi romper. I’ve been parading around in this beauty since I got it, and it makes me feel like an absolute spring goddess.

Please note the pedicure, by the way. These warm colors make me want to dance, so I had to paint my toes to match.  

Anyway, I paired this piece with some incredible Mirina Collections pieces. The gorgeous chunky necklace and the reflective aviators were too fun to resist, and I love the contrast between the flowy, floral maxi romper and the metals in the accessories. The contrast is so interesting! 

The only problem is that now I seriously need to go on a tropical vacation. Or maybe a cruise. Or maybe both. 

If you want to get yourself some cute accessories for your next spring fling, you can use the code MirinaGirls for 20% off your purchase. Balling on a budget, right? 

I can’t say enough nice things about this company, so seriously give it a look if you like cute accessories.

Catch me on the beach, ladies!

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