Rocking the Boardroom

Personally, I don’t think you need an excuse to dress nicely. A little office chic can go a long way towards making you look polished, perky, and fresh. So for this outfit I decided to play up my inner executive and pair a button down with some chic pink khakis, flats, and a white handbag. 

The outcome? I feel like I’m ready to take over a whole company, then go on a Starbucks run and get the most expensive drink on the menu. In short: fabulous. 

A nice white button down is an absolute essential in any wardrobe, so I almost broke into song when I found this one at Express. What song did I nearly burst into, you ask? Literally any Beyonce song. That’s how cute it is.
The pink pants are the real show stopper in this outfit, but I love that the pink is pale enough to still feel like a neutral basic. H&M’s pants are so great, and I love the detail on the hem. 

Also, side note: how cute are my shoes? These babies are from Nine West and they go with just about anything. I love that they capture the single strap trend we’ve seen so much with heels without looking too “trendy”, you know? 
My white bag is just as much of a staple as my white shirt, so you know I had to pair it with this outfit. Plus, it carries all my stuff. 

What do you guys wear to work? Hit me up on social media and let’s chat!

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