Take a Chill Pill

Ah, the holidays are behind us! Now the overcrowded malls, anxiety of forgetting someones gift and stress of what your New Years Eve outfit will be are nothing but a distant memory.  It's time to decompress and take a chill pill in all aspects of life. And what better way to do that than taking advantage of these amazing sales (slight twerk).

 JEWELED SWEATER: Anne Taylor;  BLOUSE: Anne Tayler; LEATHER SKIRT: Wilson's leather

CHAPTER 1: Drowning in Anne Taylors
 This past weekend, I was led by the forces to enter the lair of Anne Taylor.  It was sale upon sale and I felt myself drowning hopelessly in them. Several attempts to come up for air were made but as soon as I grabbed onto another article of clothing to save me, one look at the price tag had me emerged in satin and cashmere once again.  I decided to purchase everything touched in one last effort to win this battle.  I doggy paddled to the counter for an associate to ring up the damage. Looks like I was going to make it!  Then...I looked down at my total as she continued ringing up the items: currently at $489.  Right before I went into shock the associate laughed and said, "Oh, I didn't yet apply the promotions". 

CHAPTER 2: The final cost of the original $489 bill
I thought to myself "Woman, you ain't funny" but what I managed to say was "oh, great!" After the promotions were applied, the final cost was about $200.  Now this called for a full blown out twerk session right in the store. Okay, actually I just did the session in my head.  Holy moly, right?

 I'm so in love with the collar design on this sweater. Retail cost of sweater is $129

You could switch up the outfit by simply replacing a skirt with a pair of slacks.  If you prefer to play it safe,  gray or black will do- even blue!

In closing, my suggestion is to go- no run- to a few department stores and take advantage of the large markdowns. They're making way for new items and, although online deals are great, being in store does provide some advantages (like discovering the last of an item tucked away behind other apparel).  Happy shopping!!



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