Add some Sparkle to your Holiday!

Happy Holidays to you! Tis the season to allow a little more sparkle into your life and Nordstrom most certainly has covered every body (everybody, get it?  *giggle*)!
DRESS: Nordstrom, color Antique Gold;   SHOES: Guess   BRACELET: Michael Kors

Many compliments were received when I wore this dress for a night out on the town.  Elegant and sensuous, it's perfect for a range of events ranging from holiday parties, the theatre to having a merry evening at the casino.

While the dress is low cut, I had it tailored to sew up the front a bit. Personally I felt it enhanced the fit of the dress by having this one little adjustment.

Let's divert our attention from the dress for a second and delve a little beneath the surface to what's really important- the right attire underneath. A push-up bra is ideal for this dress style  and I found my perfect bra at Victories Secret!  But I did't stop there. I did place inserts inside the bra for an extra lift and loved the results- va-va-voom!

If your still considering what to wear for your New Year's Eve outing, take a peak at the "Dress the Population" line- there is plenty of glitter to go around!

Connect with me on social media so we can do girly stuff like..oohh share makeup tips and fashion inspiration! Until then, I do wish you a safe and enjoyable Holiday, filled with lots of sparkle and much love!



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