Winter Hair Care

Let's get a little steamy with our conversation today and talk about hair care! To keep my hair moisturized in the fall and winter months, I have been putting my steamer to  work for sure. A  recent visit with  my hair stylist confirmed the results (and investment in the steamer) were well worth it!

Sometimes there could be a potential battle with caring for colored hair in terms of keeping in moisture but again, the steamer really seemed to eliminate that big time. So what does this machine do exactly?
Steamers open the hair follicles and allow products to penetrate each strand of hair, leaving the hair very soft and moisturized. I do a treatment once a week and found that purchasing one was well worth the investment!  If you do not feel like heading to the salon (or if you're unable to because you're all snowed in!), just grab a good book or flip on a show and steam away!

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous having my hair colored, which ultimately led me to make the purchase as my goal was to administer the best care I could.  When I left the salon last week, my stylist was blown away at the growth and elasticity of my hair and told me to keep up the great work.

 My belief is that proper hair care is affected by how you care for yourself internally too- I feel it's a two way effort!  My go-to product is "Mane Choice" and I'm in month two (and loving the results).  Now I do intake MSM crystals on a daily as well- as MSM is a natural product and has lots of benefits for the body as well as for the hair.  I always encourage friends to read up about products before purchasing to ensure you feel it's the right regime for you.

Happy Steaming!




  1. Great tips for keeping hair healthy in the cold weather. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Oh you are so welcome! Thank you for the feedback :)