Bow Me Away

LEATHER SKIRT: Wilson's Leather (Thrift Shop); TOP: Anne Taylor (2 for sale, new w/ tags); GENUINE LEATHER BELT:  A boutique find (2 for sale)

I've been exploring options on accessorizing, and to my delight, discovered the most delightful find: the bow belt!  Of course, to save you the effort, I scooped up more than one for my fashion forward friends (yah, yah, you're welcome) and will place them for sale in either Poshmark or Depop.

Timing is always...well on time. The holidays are quickly approaching and I love that the belt is so ideal for adding the right amount of zest to your dress or skirt.


Being the shopaholic that I am, it was only appropriate to also snag a few of the chrome lace blouses when they went on sale.  Com'n now-  we ladies have to look out for one another! I say chrome because I'm not quite sure what color exactly it falls under- the top has a nice light sheen and quite elegant and light. Before the sale, Anne Taylor's price tag was $89.

Now that I'ved been bowed away my these recent finds, I'm feeling excited about attending holiday parties!  Items such as the belt and top will be able to be used year after year in so many different ways and that's what I love most about cute accessories and tops.

ANNE TAYLOR TOP:  2 for sale.  Retail Cost $89 ( no longer available in stores that I can see)

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