Fall Styles, Curly Do's

BLOUSE:    Anne Taylor       PANTS: The Gap  HAIR: Flat twist out
Fall is here, Fall is here!  Time to switch out the wardrobe along with the hair do's!   Throughout the summer, I've been experimenting with no heat styling and will be carrying these looks over into this season too.  Today, a pair of burgundy slacks and polka dot blouse were the outfit of the day-  perfect for a relaxed, professional look.   As far as the hair- that's a result from two strand flat twist (see image below)
HAIR: Two Strand flat twist. 

Ta-da! And there we have it.   I'm so excited. Fall is also what I consider "match-making" season.  I'm a believer that you don't have to retire ALL of last seasons wear-  there's much fun to be had with seeing what items you can pull together for a brand new look (summer shirts under fall blazers).  Well,  I'm off to scour my summer wardrobe and get some new ideas to share with you.  Toodle-oo!

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